Honorary Co-Chairs: George F. Russell Jr. and John C. Whitehead
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The Business Humanitarian Forum Association was established in Geneva, Switzerland in 1999 as a non-profit, tax-exempt association under Swiss law, to support the objectives of the Forum.

A complementary affiliate, BHF USA, was established in Washington DC in 2002 to carry out the same objectives in the United States.  BHF USA is also a tax-exempt organization under section 501(c)(4) of the IRS Code.

Honorary Co-Chairs:

  • Mr. George F. Russell Jr., Chairman Emeritus, Russell Investment Group
  • The Honorable John C. Whitehead, Chairman Emeritus, International Rescue Committee

BHF Founders: 

  • Mr. Peter Bell, former President, CARE USA 
  • Ms. Susan Crowley, former Director, International Organization Relations, Merck & Co.
  • Mr. Jean Freymond, Director, Geneva Dialogues
  • Mr. John F. Imle Jr., former President and Vice-Chairman, Unocal Corporation
  • Ambassador John J. Maresca, President, BHF Association Council
  • Mrs. Sadako Ogata, former United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees
  • Mr. Vladimir Petrovsky, former Director General, United Nations Offices in Geneva 
  • Mr. George F. Russell Jr.
  • Mrs. Jane Russell 
  • Mr. Cornelio Sommaruga, former President, International Committee of the Red Cross
  • The Honorable John C. Whitehead
  • Mr. Robert Zoellick, President, The World Bank Group  

BHF International Board of Advisors:

  • Mr. Robin Aram, former Director, Council on Corporate Responsibility and Sustainability, The Conference Board
  • Ms. Christine Batruch, Vice President Corporate Responsibility, Lundin Petroleum
  • Mr. Daniel Biedermann, Director, Swiss Red Cross
  • Mme. Maria Livanos Cattaui, former Secretary-General, International Chamber of Commerce (Chair)
  • Mr. Niels Christiansen, Vice-president, Nestlé S.A.
  • Dr. Flavio Del Ponte, Chief Medical Advisor, Swiss Agency for Development and Cooperation
  • Mr. Victor Dial, former President, Board of Governors of the American Hospital of Paris 
  • Ambassador Rolf Ekeus, former OSCE High Commissioner on National Minorities 
  • Mr. John F. Imle, Jr., Non-executive Director, International Oil and Gas Technology, Ltd. and Independant Energy Advisor
  • Mr. Thomas F. Maxey, former Vice Chairman, N.W. Ayer, Inc.
  • The Honorable Thomas M.T. Niles, Vice Chairman, U.S. Council for International Business
  • Ambassador Mohammed Sahnoun, former Special Adviser to the UN Secretary General
  • Maitre Marc Joory, Legal Counsel

BHF USA Board:

  • Mr. Edward W. Norton, Attorney, Chair
  • Mr. Charles Hoyt, former Associate General Counsel, Mobil Oil Corporation
  • Dr. Craig Llewellyn, Professor and Director, Center for Disaster and Humanitarian Assistance Medicine, Uniformed Services University Medical School
  • Mr. Terrence Ryan, former President, Chamber of Commerce, Fort Worth, Texas
  • Amb. John J. Maresca (ex officio)

BHF Association Council:

  • Amb. John J. Maresca, President
  • Mr. Jean Freymond, Executive Director
  • Mr. John H. King, Treasurer
  • Mr. Roberto Dotta, Deputy Director (ex officio)

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